At Lord Shayne Group, the concept of sustainable fashion and making ethical clothing has gone beyond a trend, and become our business imperative. Our clothing line is eco-friendly or sustainably produced. Most of our resources, including manufacturing and logistics are, clearly, actively participating in reducing the environmental impact of fashion. As a result, Lord Shayne brand is working hard and thriving the continued need to evolve to keep up with this outlook. To be able to do that, it is important for us as fashion professionals to continue enhancing our knowledge of sustainability and remain agile in fashion.  

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?


1. Reduced Waste Generation 

The global production of municipal solid waste is anticipated to rise to 3.4 billion metric tons by 2050. This is due to a number of factors such as consumer shopping patterns, urbanisation, and population growth. Lord Shayne aim to reduce waste generation by manufacturing premium apparel from long-lasting materials. We maintain our seasonal fashion trends, thus reducing the amount of waste generated in the long run.   

2. Healthy Work Environment and Fair Wages

We outsource our fabrics and materials globally including Europe, Africa, Asia and South America to manufacture high quality clothes, accessories and potentially launch reasonable collections in a year. Our sustainable clothing and garments manufacturing prioritise a safe workplace and fair remuneration for workers, hence we ensure that our workers are paid above the minimum wages in each country of their location while they work legal hours in safety conditions and most importantly never tolerate child labour.  

3. Reduced Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Our sustainable clothing uses biodegradable components from natural or recycled fibers. These materials grow with no pesticide or fertilizer use, consume less energy and water, and employ no chemical treatment, thus reducing the overall carbon footprint of these brands.


The following are our top five values that drive Lord Shayne sustainable fashion. 

  1. Ethical and fair-trade fashion: This refers to the activities conducted for the welfare of all people working in Lord Shayne garments. This includes the prevention of child labour, equal gender rights, safe working conditions, fair wages, and all other social justice aspects.
  2. Eco-friendly and green fashion: This involves green-fashion manufacturing advocating the replacement of plastics with eco-friendly, biodegradable, and natural fibers such as organic cotton and leather.
  3. Cruelty-free fashion: This refers to products manufactured without the use of materials of abused animals or obtained without any cruel means. Such as the use of commercial animal farming and their exploitation in fashion. 
  4. Upcycled fashion: Our practice of reusing and repurposing textiles, materials, and clothing to re-create fashion is referred to as upcycled fashion. In fact, upcycled fashion is becoming our most popular trend being positioned as a new form of high-end luxury fashion.
  5. Circular fashion: Here we refer to ‘closed-loop’ processes, or manufacturing strategies intended to recover wasted materials and repurpose them for use in our manufacturing.